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Tuesday, September 12

Definition of Tough

My brother Paul gave me a Chuck Norris DVD box set called "Fists of Steel" (in a steel box) for my birthday. The tagline on the cover boldly explains that "no mission is impossible for America's #1 action star." Who could resist the trifecta of the made-for-TV The President's Man and The President's Man 2 - A Line in the Sand (both directed by Chuck's talented son Eric) and Logan's War - Bound by Honor (written by Chuck himself)? Certainly not me.

But the real gem in this collector set is the included biography "Fists of Steel: The Story of America's #1 Action Star." Some excerpts:
He fought his first battle on March 10, 1940 when he entered the world as Carlos Ray Norris in the tiny community of Ryan, Oklahoma.
. . .
He appeared opposite Bruce Lee in Return of the Dragon in 1973 and though the two appeared to be friendly in public, they were actually highly competitive with each other, each believeing that he was the better fighter.
. . .
Following in the footsteps of his childhood idol John Wayne, he usually played good guys and preferred to showcase his fighting skills as purveyors of good rather than evil. He even turned down the lucrative role of Sensei John Kreese in The Karate Kid because he did not want his name to be associated wtih a cruel character.

Chuck Norris remained atop the box office through most of the decade but his kick lost some of its bite in the late '80s thanks to newcomers like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Steven Segal who slowly ate away at the action pie.
But perhaps even more precious is the trivia section:
1. Who sang the theme song to Walker, Texas Ranger?
a) Johnny Cash
b) Chuck Norris
c) Don Henley
d) Willie Nelson

Answer: B The voice behind the show's theme song is none other than its star.

14. Which candidate did Chuck Norris heavily campaign for in the 1998 U.S. presidential campaign?

Answer: Norris is a Republican who championed George Bush in the 1988 presidential race. Current president George W. Bush has stated that Chuck Norris is his favorite actor.


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