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Saturday, June 10

An Intimate Look at Steven Seagal

From Jared Bloom's Still Kicking: The Very Authorized Biography of Steven Seagal, published in McSweeney's, check out how Hard to Kill was made:
Two days later, Steven received a phone call from his agent, Joe Powers, who was raving about a script he had found earlier that morning in Bruce Willis's trash. It was the story of Mason Storm, a renegade cop who emerges from a coma seven years after discovering an attempted murder plot against a Senate candidate and exacts revenge by killing people and sexing up Kelly LeBrock.

"I like it," Steven said as he slid a green-tea popsicle across his lips. "Politics is very popular right now." And with Congress making laws in Washington at that very moment, he was absolutely right.
Hard to Kill has always been one of my favorite action movies -- Seagal at his very best. Not only does it feature Seagal escaping from a hospital by pushing his bed through the halls with a stick after waking up from several years in a coma, but then he delivers a training sequence before taking on the bad guys that rivals Rocky for overall awesomeness. He even breaks from his mold as the celebate monk and gets the girl -- then wife Kelly LeBrock. Perhaps the most celebrated performance of the greatest action star of his era in his prime. Add it to your library today.


  • I like. A few days ago, I came across a reader comment from a conspiracy theorist in one of the online news pages. He lamented the fact that the U.S. government was forcing Amazon.com to pull the book "America Deceived", for which he provided a link. I read a few pages of this terribly written novel and immediately discovered that it was a perfect screenplay for Steven Seagal. Judge for yourself.

    Bin Laden forcefully pushed Anthony [Seagal] into a stone wall and jumped up. He snatched his white turban from the dusty floor and laughed callously as he pulled out a handgun tucked inside. He pointed the gun at Anthony's head as blood streamed down his forearms.

    Osama said (in perfect Arabic), "This is legendary CIA? You cannot even defeat a sleeping foe!" ... Bin Laden pulled the trigger. The handgun clicked. He pulled the trigger again. The gun clicked. He pulled and pulled and pulled. Click...click...click. Anthony smiled broadly, opened his vest pocket and pulled out the bullet clip. Osama's jaw dropped as he fixated on the missing puzzle piece. He watched Anthony toss it carelessly to the floor.

    This stuff is gold. Maybe I could broker a deal between the author and Seagal.

    By Blogger Eric, at 6/10/2006 9:54 PM  

  • AJ...it is interesting that you have written commentary about Steven Seagal, but you don't even have links for Dan and April's blog or my blog. Just pointing out the obvious as I normally do.

    By Blogger R Ericksen, at 6/16/2006 11:15 PM  

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