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Thursday, March 23

Women's Basketball

If you think the women's game is lame, enjoy Jason Whitlock's "Women shouldn't be dunking" on ESPN.com. Excerpt:
"Jase, what you continue to fail to realize is that women don't really want to hear the truth. The key to a relationship is telling them what they want to hear and celebrating the dumb stuff they do as a virtue."

Well, I guess that explains why, when Parker laid the ball in the basket and grabbed the rim afterward twice in Tennessee's rout of Army in the NCAA Tournament, it was hailed as man-walking-on-the-moon news in the sports world. Parker was the first woman to (almost) dunk twice in a college game.

What's next? First women's hooper to cover her entire body in prison tattoos? WNBA players investigated for running up huge tabs in the champagne room of the Gold Club? Sue Bird strangles her coach at practice? Lisa Leslie attacks beer-tossing empty seat, sparks nasty melee between players and bored arena ushers?


Right now the women's game receives guilt-based media attention, or hype for its stupid human tricks (Hey, look at Candace; she can almost dunk like an eighth-grade boy).


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