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Friday, September 23

Texas Exodous IV

In all it took 14 1/2 hours to make what is normally a little under 3. In front of the Shell station by Virginia's house, my fuel gauge's empty light went on; it was a small miracle to run that long on only 3/4 of a tank. If I'd had any idea how bad the drive would be, we'd never have left the house.

But it's nice to be in Austin now (especially not in a car). Things in Austin are refreshingly normal: the radio stations all are playing music, people are going to work, kids are in school.

I hear the same politicians who assured people it was better to drive (and that they'd arrive at their destinations) are now asking people who live along those routes to invite stranded motorists into their homes.
What a mess! At least my loved ones and I seem out of the woods. But when will the roads be clear enough to drive back. I'm not dumb enough to make that drive twice.


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