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Friday, August 19

Science Fair

This morning I happened upon a little Engineering Project that looked really fun. It seemed very Hepworth-esque to me, like shooting eggs from a fence.

Monday, August 15

Wasting Time

Now that I have some free time, here are a few time waster videos:
Urban Ninja
Man Rides Motorcycle into Bus
Couch Racing
Mattress Girl
Pogo Stick Accident

Thursday, August 4

My Grandma

My grandmother passed away this Monday at age 78. Her Obituary offers a glimpse at the very full life she lived.

Wednesday, August 3

The Prancing Ponies

Today a classmate of mine and I got taken by our former boss to look at his cars. The man owns eleven Ferraris and is currently shopping for a 360 and a 328, but he hasn't even driven several of the ones he already owns. Unfortunately, he didn't feel like taking them for a drive today either.

So the best I could do was sit in them and dream. I was a little surprised how close the accelerator and brake pedal are, how small the driver's footwell is generally, how stiff the clutch is, and how much strength it takes to move the shifter through the beautiful metal gates.

Below are a few pictures with some of the cars.

-Me with a 456GT-

-Testarossa, 308, 456GT-

-355 Spyder-

Not pictured are his 348tb (white), 348 Spyder (yellow), two more 308's (both red), two Mondials (red spyder, white coupe), and a 400i (blue). In all, a pretty nice little stable of cars.

If I hadn't mentioned it before, let me state that I would like to be rich when I grow up.

Tuesday, August 2

Dark Humor

Check out this VW Spoof Ad if you like jokes about small cars, terrorists, or both.

[Thanks Mark]