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Friday, July 22

Summary of Recent Events

BAR EXAM STUDY BREAK: Returning from lunch, I found myself on the elevator with a classmate who is also in the last stages of preparing for the exam, too. Every conversation with anyone studying in the last couple weeks has been the same, so most people just remain silent. Out of nowhere, he blurted out, almost Tourette's like, a single sentence that summarizes all of my anxieties at this stage--"I just forget shit, man."

Monday, July 18

How I Feel About the Bar Exam

Thursday, July 14

Crime & Punishment

BAR EXAM STUDY BREAK: Commenting on the small slap on the wrist given to the German teen reponsible for last year's Sasser worm, John Tierney provides some suggestions about tailoring the punishment to fit the crime.

For shoebomber Richard Reid:
He ought to spend his days within smelling range of all those socks at the airport. In an exclusive poll I once conducted among fellow passengers, I found that 80 percent favored forcing Mr. Reid to sit next to the metal detector, helping small children put their sneakers back on.
For spammers:
[They] could be sentenced to community service testing all their own wares. The number of organ-enlargement offers would decline if a spammer thought he'd have to appear in a public-service television commercial explaining that he'd tried them all and they just didn't work for him.
For hackers:
Make the hacker spend 16 hours a day fielding help-desk inquiries in an AOL chat room for computer novices. Force him to do this with a user name at least as uncool as KoolDude and to work on a vintage IBM PC with a 2400-baud dial-up connection. Most painful of all for any geek, make him use Windows 95 for the rest of his life.

Thursday, July 7

The (Modern) Hardy Boys

BAR EXAM STUDY BREAK: If you were a fan of The Hardy Boys Series as a lad, you will doubtless get a chuckle now from This Piece from today's McSweeney's. It is a rejection letter from the publisher concerning a Hardy Boys' manuscript for The Case of the Secret Meth Lab. Some highlights:
Page 42: While it is important to end each chapter with a cliffhanger, we don't think Joe pacing outside the bathroom door while his girlfriend, Callie, uses a First Response pregnancy test is consistent with the Hardy Boys formula. And he certainly shouldn't be muttering under his breath about doubts that it's even his.
And for the Nancy Drew fans:
Page 60: We encourage including Nancy Drew in the adventure as it represents great cross-marketing with our other adventure series. We would think it goes without saying, however, that she would not have, nor even contemplate, surgical enhancement. Please delete all references to her "killer rack."