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Tuesday, June 28

Establishment Clause in A Nutshell

George Will discusses the context in which the First Amendment was written, the incoherence of the recent Ten Commandments cases, and then provides the only opinion the Court should render in such cases:
"Because the display on public grounds does not do what the establishment clause was written to prevent -- does not impose a state-sponsored creed or significantly advantage or disadvantage one sect or sects -- the display is constitutional."
Why Mr. Will is not the most-quoted columnist in America continues to baffle me.

Saturday, June 25

Cruise Kills Oprah

Tom Cruise gets even crazier. Check out him Killing Oprah with his Scientology powers.

Update: Time has a Scientology collection, excerpts from articles on the cult going back to the 1950s. Here are a few of my favorites:
. . . Hubbard was once a successful science-fiction writer. In 1949, he seemed to predict his own future in a jocular speech to a convention of fellow authors: "Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wanted to make a million dollars, the best way would be to start his own religion." (1976)

. . . Scientology is a religion that sees life as a relentless struggle to erase painful mental images (called 'engrams' in the cult's jargon) that block a person from achieving his full potential and that may accumulate through his successive incarnations. Hubbard has insisted that he lived through a series of incarnations and that he was in fact 74 trillion years old. (1983)

Monday, June 20

Michael Jackson's Jubilation

A little stale already, I admit, but here is a nice blurb from The Onion on MJ:

Enchanted By Own
Innocence, Michael
Jackson Molests Self

Wednesday, June 15


My little brother, a true Cinderella story got accepted at the University of Houston. So now I get to do something I always wanted to do: live with Paul at college. So what if it's a little late and I'm already done with all my schooling! It's all very exciting.

Tuesday, June 14

Tom Cruise: Gay? Crazy?

Lots of rumors always surround a star of Tom Cruise's magnitude. Some say he's gay; others say he's "a nutjob." Well, recent (and safe for work) videos may cast some doubt on both of those rumors.

Is he gay? Judge for yourself.

Is he a nutjob Scientologist? He just cares about you.

[Thanks Micah]

Monday, June 13

Something Different: A Feel-Good Story

Like all human beings, there is a special place in my heart for handicapped kids who overcome great odds. Add sports to the mix and emotions run even higher.

Here then is the wonderful story of Ryan Belflower, an autistic boy from California, who put in years of work as a ballboy, earned an honorary spot on the varsity basketball team, and in Rudy fashion, hit a shot in the last game of the season before a huge crowd chanting his name.

It's a bit of a deviation from my typical posts, but if you are looking for a feel-good piece of news you won't be disappointed.

[Thanks Rick]

Tuesday, June 7

Old News: Bush vs. Kerry

For my readers who don't periodically visit the Drudge Report, I call attention to this Boston Globe report on Kerry's Yale transcripts. It reveals that John was also a C student, with a cumulative average slightly lower than W's.

Wednesday, June 1

The Constitution

A friend of mine pointed me to a Wall Street Journal editorial written by one of our former professors (reproduced Here).

Instead of imposing term limits on federal judges like the ancient Sandy O'Connor or Bill Rehnquist, the author proposes an amendment that would confine the words "due process" and "equal protection" in the Fourteenth Amendment to their original meaning -- no racial discrimination -- instead of "empty vessels into which they [the Supreme Court justices] can pour any meaning." It's interesting.

Making the Best of Things

For Brian Nash, who complained that visits to my blog are a waste of time if I don't update it, Here is a cautionary tale from Croatia. For those to lazy to click the link, here are the highlights:

A best man and a new bride were having relations in a bathroom at her wedding.
The couple were trapped together by a muscle spasm after a friend of the groom walked in on them as they had sex in the toilets.

Unable to be pulled apart, the couple had to endure a procession of wedding guests who came to see what they had been doing before doctors could turn up.

Unable to help, they had to transport the pair on a stretcher to the local hospital where she was given an injection to relax her muscles, allowing the best man to get free.
Happily, the groom continued the party, now in celebration of his divorce.

The moral of this story is, Don't marry a tramp, or, alternatively, Don't trust your friends?