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Saturday, April 30

A Festivus Miracle!

I couldn't believe it when I saw it. But on the editorial page of the New York Times this morning I found what seems like some praise for Bush's stance on Social Security reform and some criticism for Democrats clinging to a system that doesn't work:
It's true, as Democrats love to point out, that the poverty rate among the elderly has declined from 35 percent a half-century ago to 10 percent today. But when you consider how much money is being taken out of Americans' paychecks - most workers now pay more to Social Security than to the I.R.S. - you're entitled to wonder why there are any poor widows remaining.

As a poverty-fighting program, Social Security is woefully inefficient because most of the money goes to people who aren't poor. It would take just 20 percent of what Social Security dispenses to move every elderly American out of poverty . . . .

Friday, April 29


I saw this shirt in the back of Rolling Stone.

Thursday, April 28

Why People Seem Dumber

Apparently, British researchers have found that IQ drops for people constantly bombarded with IM, text messages, and email. No wonder every teenage girl seems borderline retarded.

[Thanks Stephanie.]

Wednesday, April 20

Free Aimee Mann Download

You can currently download a free, legal copy of "She Really Wants You" from Aimee Mann's forthcoming album The Forgotten Arm at Amazon.com. It's pretty good. I heard another track, "Little Bombs," on the radio the other night; I downloaded from iTunes (with a free download from a Pepsi cap), and it's even better. As always, I'm happy to hear new stuff from Aimee Mann.

Monday, April 18

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong has announced his Retirement. If only his fans would now retire their damn yellow bracelets!

News from the Trailer Park

Who knew they had Southern-style rednecks in Minnesota? Check out This Video from the Minneapolis NBC affiliate.

[Thanks Micah for this gem]

Monday, April 11

Judicial Term Limits

Last weekend, legal scholars convened at Duke Law School to discuss an Amendment to the Constitution that would change judicial terms of office from "for good behavior [read: life]" to 18 years. It is a good idea, and long overdue. Judges, especially the Supreme Court, are geriatric tyrants; turnover would be nice.

Sunday, April 10


My dad sent me a couple of old pics recently. Do you think I should go for another beard?

Friday, April 8

Rocket Man

Last September, I told you about William Shatner's inspired rendition of "Rocket Man." Well, the important follow up to that is Stewie's rendition from Family Guy. Watch it Here.

[Thanks Micah for finding this clip.]

Tuesday, April 5

SBC/Yahoo DSL Sucks

SBC Global is the worst company. Because they are incompetent, they block all outgoing email except through their awful sbcglobal.net. I look forward to shifting to RoadRunner or some other company as soon as I can.

Because they don't know how to manage spam, they have blocked my mail ports. Read about it Here.


What is --- ?

I am trying out for Jeopardy tomorrow morning in Houston. Please, for me, cross your fingers, etc.

Update (6 April): The tryout ended up being quite fun. I arrived to a lobby full of nerds--If there were any X-Files questions, I would have been toast. We waited for 15 or 20 minutes before getting in. I found a pretty cute blonde in line in a grey suit with a Louis Vuitton purse and tried to chat her up. "Sure is a geeky looking crowd," I said. She laughed.

Then we headed into a large conference room. In all, there were about 110 people. The Jeopardy folks gave their spiel about the game, and then the test commenced.

There were 50 fill-in-the-blank questions; you had to write your answer within 8 seconds of Johnny Gilbert's voice finishing the question.

And then the grading began. I continued talking to the blonde, a lawyer working for a federal judge. When I'm not trying to hook up with them, I'm pretty good with women. The Tao of Steve, I guess.

When the answer sheets were checked, only 5 people passed. And wouldn't you know it, yours truly was among them. Then we 5 participated in a mock game, complete with interviews. A lawyer, a paralegal, a cable salesman, a homemaker, and I comprised the group. They were all nice folks, but I think I had more personality. I didn't, however, use my pat answer for what I would do with the money--What is hookers and cocaine?--but I was still pretty funny.

Anyway, the result is that I'm now "in the file" for the next year and may be called for a taping. So please continue crossing those fingers.

Monday, April 4

First to Fail

Major League Baseball has issued the first suspension for a positive steroid test--a nobody centerfielder for the Tigers. Could the player, Alex Sanchez, be a mere sacrificial lamb to appease Congress, the only people who seem to care about how exciting baseball has been during the last ten years? No star will ever get caught because anybody making that kind of money who has even half a brain can get the undetectable designer drugs used in the NFL.

Friday, April 1

Google Gulp

How would somebody savvy enough to drink Google Gulp react to the to Apple iProduct Torry highlighted last week?