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Saturday, March 19

Google News, Mormons, and Mitt Romney

I was testing the new customization options in Google News and created a "Mormons" section. In it, I found this interesting gem. The Boston Phoenix carries a long discussion about the political and organizational skills (and their affluence and generosity) and how those things could win the Presidency for Mitt Romney.

For example, two Mormon professors (one at "The B" and one at Notre Dame) estimate that if church-going American adult members gave an average of $100, then Romeny would have an immediate $100M war chest. Furthermore, our missionary zeal could translate into a much more impressive door-to-door force than the Deaniacs of '04.

Then, showing just the kind of unofficial support we may expect for Romeny, an AP Story marking the 10th anniversary of the current iteration of the First Presidency concludes:
When asked if America is ready to elect a Latter-day Saint as U.S. president - whether in the person of Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (whose name often has been mentioned) or another candidate - [President James E. Faust] said that many believed years ago that American voters would never elect a Catholic, which changed with John F. Kennedy's election.


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