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Friday, February 25

A Flattering Invitation

Somehow the creepy scientists at the venerable Fairfax Cryobank found out about my genetic superiority and, in their wisdom, extended me via U.S. Mail a written invitation to donate the product of my loins in their Dixie cups. I felt truly honored. Here are, I'm not making this up, some excerpts from their kind letter:
Fairfax Cryobank ... is looking for healthy, college educated, ethnically diverse men between ... 18 and 39 to assist infertile couples by becoming anonymous sperm donors. ... The service you can provide as a sperm donor is significant and greatly appreciated.

There is truly an urgent need for donors who are willing to assist those who are desperate to have children but unable to do so without the generosity of gamete donation.

If accepted into the confidential donor program, you will be compensated for each acceptable specimen you produce. Current donors ... are earning an average of $200 per specimen.
As you know, I have been thinking about a part-time job. Like all legitimate scientists, they provided me a Yahoo! email address to contact them. Feel free to register their address -- austincryo@yahoo.com -- for any mailings you desire.


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