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Wednesday, December 29

Red Letter Day

I admit that this is not the manliest subject for a blog post, but to me this news warrants mentioning.

Long ago, Gap stopped selling its "baggy fit" jeans. They are the best, most comfortable denim I've ever found. The awful "boot cut" and "loose" (which is not loose but just not as tight as the other fits) can never replace them. What joy then when I found some at Gap Online today. Plus, they were on sale with free shipping and I Googled to find a coupon for an additional 10% off. This is killer.

Tuesday, December 21

Steven Seagal

We all love his movies, his sense of humor and stage presense. But action hero Steven Segal has a Soft Side, too. The website for his new CD is full of exclamation points, so you know it's good:
The general public knew through his many films of action but it is another facet of his personality which emerges in 2004! This enthusiastic follower of Buddhism delivers an awesome album already bubbling on the charts in France!
Click on the tough guy's picture to download free MP3s.

[Thanks Mark]

Thursday, December 16

Hilarious Dude Lip Syncing

This Lip Sync Video was sent in response to yesterday's Bunny Video and the Hanukkah Video by my friend Murphy. He writes:
I don't know why I find this funny. Maybe it's cause he's a fat guy, or because of the song, or because he's European, or because I expect him to have a heart attack before the song is over... but if you're bored, something good to waste time with at work/school.
So, enjoy the fat kid's Lip Sync Video.

Wednesday, December 15

Long Film Made Short

See The Shining performed in 30 seconds by bunnies. It will give you chills, but only briefly. Enjoy.

[Thanks Riekert]

Tuesday, December 14

About Women

They love funny guys (or so I hear). Proof: Don Diebel of getgirls.com has a fool-proof Method for attracting single women in bars -- the handpuppet.

Diebel, pictured below, bills himself as "America's #1 Singles Expert."
[Thanks to Marilyn in Houston for this important news item]

Monday, December 13

Hey Ya! Hanukkah

Check out this Video mixing Outkast's "Hey Ya" with Jewish culture. Naturally, you will want your sound on.

[Thanks Mark]

For the Pathetic

Japanese Men, to the continued astonishment of Occidentals, now have this new pillow to curl up with. And it's selling like hotcakes. Doubtless this comes in an unmarked package because the resulting shame would bring anyone to a new low.
If you are looking for a Christmas present for yours truly . . . .

Saturday, December 11


Austin's Alamo Drafthouse has an annual event called the Butt-Numb-A-Thon, 24 straight hours of movies. It features many not-yet-released films, often introduced by stars or directors. For example, last year, Mel Gibson screened a rough cut of The Passion of the Christ. A buddy of mine scored a ticket this year (thousands applied for 150 or so spots) -- I hate him, the lucky bastard.

Anyway, somebody is blogging from the theater, revealing what cool stuff they have this year. Here he reveals that they just saw Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, due in theaters next week, with an intro from the two children who star in the pic.

Thursday, December 9

Job Hunt: Day 27

Before you do anything else, read this Piece by Jon Fitch on McSweeney's. It is the ultimate guide to job interviewing. Behold this sample:
Where do I see myself when? In five years? Well, I suppose I see myself in a big room somewhere. Light filters in through the bulletproof glass of the skylights. I'm wearing a cape and a mask. Women in leotards are kneeling at my feet and making purring noises. A dwarf with a lute prances around the room playing "Greensleeves" over and over. Two donkeys stand sullenly in the corner. On shelves along the wall are rows and rows of jars. In the jars are the ashes of everyone that has ever crossed me. Every hour on the hour, an albino in a leather jumpsuit enters the room, walks over to the shelves, and picks out a jar. Next, he empties the ashes from the jar into a bowl of donkey chow, stirs the two together, and then feeds the mixture to the donkeys. Every time the donkeys move their bowels, I shout, "Ha! Look at you now. You crossed me and now you're donkey crap! You're freaking donkey crap! How does it feel, huh? HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE A BIG, STEAMING PILE OF DONKEY CRAP?" Yeah. On reflection, I suppose that's where I see myself in five years.

Wednesday, December 8

Nut Sack Health

In an earlier Post, I mentioned that I bought a TV tray to protect my sperm from the heat of my laptop. Well, now scientists have demonstrated a Link between laptop use and male infertility.

Thursday, December 2

Least Surprising News Item

Jason Giambi admits to grand jury that he used steroids and human growth hormone. This revelation is not surprising at all -- it was as obvious to any honest observer as Barry Bonds' new-found bulk. The only thing perhaps that is surprising is that he admitted it.

Update: With word that Barry Bonds 'unknowingly' used steriods, Michael Wilbon is even Calling for an Asterisk next to Barry's records.

ESPN has a Photo Gallery of Barry in each of his major league seasons.