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Tuesday, November 30

Reality TV

ESPN's Bill Simmons opines on the state of Reality TV in today's column. Sharing my sentiments that "The Bachelor" is horrible TV no man should watch, he writes:
There's a reason this [the 'Bachelor' dumping his new fiancee before walking down the aisle] keeps happening -- these guys became well-known celebs because of the show, but there's a three-month lapse between the final choice and the final episode when they're sequestered from their "future fiancee." Once they realize they can hook up with hot chicks outside the show because of their new-found celebrity, suddenly they don't need to settle down anymore. Now that, my friends, is the definition of irony. These guys sign on to find true love and end up plowing through one-nighters like Colin Farrell. It's the most dramatic STD yet!
More importantly however, I was delighted to learn that Bill and I share the same guilty pleasure, Blind Date
I'm just coming right out and saying it: This show is my No. 1 Guilty Pleasure in life, which is a whole other column. But it's the only show that consistently makes me laugh out loud at least once an episode.

And yes, that's a sad reflection on the state of TV comedy today. But the writing, editing and graphics are as good as anything going right now. Seriously. Just watch one episode. It's like smoking that first cigarette in Vegas -- once you start, you can't stop.


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