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Thursday, November 18

Mormon = Moron?

We're not in Provo anymore, Toto.--This Blog's Washington D.C. correspondent Kristen sent me the listserv message below. In it, we see how cheesy, Provo-style "wholesome entertainment" can go woefully awry. It's frightening because, deep down, I know members of my ward could easily wreak similar havoc on Austinites.
Dear LDS Members,

A group of three individuals went through Crystal City neighborhood on Monday night knocking on people's doors offering to do service projects as part of a "service scavenger hunt." Since it was dark and some of the services offered seemed a little off to these people, Arlington Police were called. The group identified themselves as being Mormon. As a result, the Crystal City neighborhood e-mail list has been blazing with all kinds of information about this group. [Probably, not all of this information is accurate or positive.]

There are several LDS families that receive these neighborhood e-mail postings and they are concerned that the church is being misrepresented.

But since it happened on Monday night, it make me concerned that a "fun family home evening project" might have turned into "scare an entire neighborhood project."

The group offered to rake leaves. One person claims they offered to clean their toilet. Another person said they offered to read to their children. Obviously, all of these request threw up read flags for people who are extremely concerned about crime in their very urban neighborhood.

If anybody knows anything about this, please send me a message. If LDS people are involved, we would at least like to set the record straight so their neighborhood does not have to be concerned about a potential crime issue in their neighborhood. [Between the lines: Don't be such morons. Think a little bit about others' perceptions of you.]


Bishop [Deleted]
[Deleted] Ward


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