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Friday, November 19

Mormon = Moron? (Part 2)

Yesterday's Post, reader Sabra M. forwarded me the follow-up message:
Subject: Follow up on Crystal City problem

Thanks for all of the responses. It appears that this incident was in fact a [deleted] 1st Ward family home evening event. We will post a message on the Crystal City neighborhood e-mail list and explain the situation.

This event reminds us all that we live among people who have little understanding about our church -- in fact many have misunderstandings about our church. In Utah, for example, a service project like this would be fully understood and considered fun, but here in Washington, D.C., people became very upset and even scared with unknown people knocking on their doors in evening hours.

I am the biggest supporter of the [deleted] Wards having been a member for many years. The people that attend these wards are terrific! Let's just be careful to use good judgment in the future.


Bishop [deleted]
[deleted] Ward (italics added)
I am frequently amazed at how often our people become so insulated from "the world" that they have no grasp of basic social norms.


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