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Thursday, November 4

"Moral Values"

So much has been made by people at both ends of the political spectrum about the masses of voters who turned out for Bush citing "moral values" as their most important issue.

Liberals view "moral values" as meaning homophobes and Pro Lifers who would take away people's civil rights. I am not a homophobe, but I am Pro Life; these attacks from the left are disturbing in their ignorance and because of the real contempt liberals have for fellow citizens they view as uneducated, unenlightened, superstitious rubes. They cannot seem to except that being Pro Life or Pro Choice is just a choice about what you value more: the life of the unborn or a woman's ability to choose. Both are important values, and reasonable people will weigh them differently.

Anyway, I digress. I only meant to post this point from The Economist, showing that these "values" voters aren't who many think they are:
Yet there is counter-evidence. When asked directly about their attitudes to abortion, the responses this time were no different from 2000: 55% said it should be always or mostly legal. On gay marriage, 26% approved and 35% supported civil unions. So it is possible that “moral values” are not just a matter of social conservatism but also code for trust in the candidate, or respect for a man’s willingness to take a stand—where Mr Bush won easily. Mr Kerry never quite managed to persuade voters of his leadership qualities.


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