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Saturday, October 23

What is Victoria's Secret?

I have long wondered, and today Catherine shared with me The Answer. Thanks.

That little revelation seques nicely into a little story about my experience at a high school football game and cheerleaders. Well, not really. Incidentally, my second ever Post to this blog was about a high school football game. But enough reminiscing.

Tonight was the homecoming game for the high school where my good friend Virginia is a teacher and the cheerleading sponsor. At her invitation, I went. Naturally, one the first things I did was to cast my gaze over her squad and pick my favorite. "The one with the sandy blonde hair, third from left on the back row," I told her.

This girl was really cute. She reminded me of the former Noxema girl who was on 90210 near that show's end -- except she had straight hair and looked much prettier.

Apparently, my supposed friend wasn't content to have bested me at bowling yesterday (although, in my defense, I was distracted by the Astros-Cardinals game). She had to humiliate me yet again.

During halftime, the Noxema girl's mother came by to say hello to Virginia. As is customary, she introduced me and another friend of ours who had come to the game. Then she introduced the mother to us. The exchange went as follows:
V: AJ, this is ---, ---'s mom.

Me (coyly): Oh, which one is your daughter?

V (interrupting): Her daughter is the real pretty blonde one.

Me (feigning ignorance to be polite): Which pretty blonde one?

V (meddling, again): The one you told me was really cute.
I was left looking like a creepy old guy, and feeling like an asshole.


  • It's also nice to have a reason to post something of a non-political variety. Thankfully, the election will soon be over, hopefully, and I can return to publishing trash.

    By Blogger AJE, at 10/23/2004 12:14 AM  

  • Incidentally, the "Noxzema Girl," aka Rebecca Gayhart was at Cirque Lodge (the Rehab above Sundance) and I met her a couple years ago. She's nice, and again, like with Katie Holmes, our bellmen fought over who got to check her in.

    By Blogger Annie, at 10/24/2004 11:09 PM  

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