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Monday, October 4

Kerry Haters for Kerry

This Op-Ed Piece from today's Wall Street Journal is fantastic. Although written by a self-proclaimed neo-liberal, the piece makes some great points that appeal to conservatives, too. Read the whole article. Here are a few highlights:
[Kerry] craves the approval of Europeans, as if he were some American arriviste right out of a Henry James novel.

The U.N.'s very struture makes it hostage to the five permanent members of the Security Council and to their particular, often pecuniary, interests. (France holds one of these post-World War II "big power" seats only because de Gaulle persuaded Churchill and FDR to pretend that the French actually fought the Nazis. ...)

Multilateralism is not a panacea in and of itself. [Author discusses how bad it would be to have brutal Russian or weak French forces in Iraq.] The fact is that there are only a few countries equipped to wage precise modern warfare, and that's another reason why some countries refuse to go to televised wars: They don't want to be exposed as being militarily obselete.


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