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Sunday, October 17

An Edwards Outrage

It's been a while since I posted a Charles Krauthammer Op-Ed Column, but this is a particularly good piece using John Edwards' promise that a Kerry Administration would cure paralysis to demonstrate that Kerry/Edwards are willing to say anything to get elected.

Follow Up: The Onion reports Kerry: Stem-Cell Research May Hold Cure to Ailing Campaign:
"For too long, President Bush has curtailed science on ideological grounds, for his own political purposes," Kerry said. "I pledge to support science on rational grounds, for my own political purposes. Stem-cell research could improve the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans, and the issue could dramatically increase my popularity. We must push the boundaries of scientific exploration now, before Nov. 2."

"My opponent has put the interests of a vocal minority over the needs of me, my campaign staff, and John Edwards," Kerry added. "That is just wrong."


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