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Thursday, September 30

Presidential Debates

In Times Square, a puppet show of tonight's debate took place. To many, Bush is corporate America's puppet. Of course, Kerry is the unions' bitch.

More importantly, the Reds just went up 2-1 over the Cubs in the 12th. Go Astros!

Celsius 41.11 - The Temperature at Which the Brain Begins to Die

Here is a review from The New York Times of the Republican answer to Michael Moore's wildly successful and largely nonsensical "Fahrenheit 9/11." It is certainly worth reading since the odds of "Celsius" coming to any theater near you are slim at best.

Wednesday, September 29

Inspirational Music

Last night, I saw a musical trainwreck called Egomania at the Alamo Drafthouse. The film featured clips of numerous celebrities' (mostly B-list) misguided forays into music. This is the kind of gem one only finds at the Drafthouse.

I looked for clips of some of my favorite highlights:
William Shatner performing an interpretation of Elton John's "Rocketman" mp3 [audio] and Real [video].

Mr. T singing the original "Treat Your Mother Right" mp3 and Lyrics.

Leonard Nimoy's "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins" Video & Lyrics.

Also, visit Harvey Sid Fisher's Website for lyrics to each of his powerful zodiac songs.
[Thanks Riekert and Catherine for finding this and many other great movies.]

Monday, September 27

New Music

Hipster that I am (or, truth be told, my friends and their minions are), I obtained an advance copy of Elliott Smith's new album, from a basement on the hill. It is superb!

Weekend Review

During an ordinary weekend, I like to take in a movie. But this weekend I was a bit under the weather. So instead of telling you what I think about a new film, let me rave about NyQuil.

When your sick (or just want to sleep really soundly), nothing beats 3 tbsp of NyQuil -- the recommended dose plus. However, the new (to me, anyway) cherry flavor rivals even the delicious grape taste of Dimetapp, long considered the tastiest cough remedy. I was stunned how good medicine could taste.

Wednesday, September 22

*Important Announcement*

My best friend in the law school, Emily Fluckiger of Dallas, got engaged last night to Spencer Wheelwright of Boston, incidentally my downstairs neighbor in college. The world is indeed small.

The two have known each other for just a few months, but they are disgustingly happpy together and well-matched for one another. Unfortunately, a genetic mutation is the only chance their children will ever have to be tall.

On the upside, with her law degree and his Harvard MBA, in addition to a host of other coveted personal qualities, they are poised to quickly become an Austin power couple.


Tuesday, September 21

Music Tip

If you like folksy rock about motorcycles, robbery and the love of a good woman, you'll enjoy this Song.

[Note: I will take this link down in a day or two because I don't have much server space left.]

Thursday, September 16

Senator Kerry or Senator Fairy?

We report. You decide.
(But I think the latter.)

[Thanks Mark]

End of the Hunt 2

The hard part of the process is letting the other firm know you're going somewhere else. Especially when you had such a good experience working with them, as I did. In taking the news, the lawyers I talked to at V&E could not have been nicer or made feel any better. Thanks.

Wednesday, September 15

End of the Hunt

I just accepted a job at Baker Botts after graduation.

Tuesday, September 14

Sampling and Hip Hop

Associated Press reports that a new federal decision will require musicians to pay for samples, even if unidentifiable. The piece in question was a three note sample, lowered, looped and extended to sixteen beats. To me, this seems pretty ridiculous. It reminds me of jokes about Microsoft copyrighting the word "the."

Monday, September 13

Oprah is Rich


Thursday, September 9

The Onion Election Guide

Wisdom from George Will

In Bad News for Kerry , Will writes of Bush's foreign policy:
Kerry is the candidate of the intellectually vain -- of those who, practicing the politics of condescension, consider Bush moronic. But Kerry is unwilling to engage Bush's idea.

Hence he is allowing Bush to have what he wants, a one-issue election. The issue is a conflation of the wars in Iraq and on terrorism in the single subject "security." Kerry is trying, and failing, to pry apart judgments about the two. But even if he succeeds, he continues to deepen the risible incoherence of his still-multiplying positions on Iraq.

Jeopardy Guy Report

Unidentified Sources have indicated that Ken Jennings finally lost during a show taped this week. The episode, to air this fall, was his 75th. Reportedly, he amassed roughly $2.5 million before the loss.

Sunday, September 5


Behold Britney Spears!

[Thanks Riekert]

Reason to Live

If things are bleak for you, there's hope. Wes Anderson's latest offering, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, is coming soon. Click the link to view the trailer.

Saturday, September 4

Reforming Social Security and Healthcare

Dilbert, Aug 27, 2004

Friday, September 3


Jet Li's Hero provided perhaps the best cinematography I've seen in years. To me, it was more enjoyable than even Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Further, swordswoman Zhang Ziyi is indisputably one of the sexiest women in film. She could slice and dice me any way she pleases.

Me love you long time.

Thursday, September 2

And Kerry's Response...

completely lacks substance. Bush was great for having some specifics, Kerry is just making corny jokes with the folks in Ohio and being generally lame.

Additionally, why must he and Edwards always dress alike: both in blue shirts, no ties, blue blazers and, worst of all, the faggy yellow Livestrong Bracelets. Arghh!!

President Bush's RNC Speech

I really am enjoying the President's Speech, available in full even before it is finished. I find his optimism refreshing and am pleased that he put so much emphasis on his domestic agenda in the first half before taking on foreign policy. ¡Viva Bush!

Incidentally, let me also say that I think his daughter Barbara is hot.

(For the uninformed, she's the one on the left.)

Democrats' Arrogance

Charles Krauthammer writes, in an article entitled "The Pressure-Cooker Theory":
Upon losing a game at the 1925 Baden-Baden tournament, Aaron Nimzowitsch, the great chess theoretician and a superb player, knocked the pieces off the board, jumped on the table and screamed, "How can I lose to this idiot?"

Nimzowitsch may have lived decades ago in Denmark, but he had the soul of a modern American Democrat. After all, Democrats have been saying much the same -- with similar body language -- ever since the erudite Adlai Stevenson lost to the syntactically challenged Dwight Eisenhower in 1952. They said it again when they lost to that supposed simpleton Ronald Reagan. Twice, would you believe? With George W. Bush, they are at it again, and equally apoplectic.
And he just keeps going. It's a great read, a really intersesting explanation of the venom with which the Democrats are attacking Bush.

Wednesday, September 1

Election Polling

A recent and useless Survey by the American Kennel Club shows that dog owners overwhelmingly favor George W. Bush. Also of note, when asked which breed they associated with each candidate, respondents identified Kerry with the poodle.