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Wednesday, August 4

Of Change and Breakfast

As is my wont, I exited the elevator from the garage and turned left, away from work, to pick up some Kolaches before heading to my office. In a bit of a rut, I decided to mix things up: instead of two sausage and cheese kolaches, I got one Polish and one sausage.

Well, let me tell you that change is not always good. The Polish is just too damn heavy for breakfast. It was akin to eating a brick, albeit a delicious brick. And the sausage, well, I missed the cheese.

And let me tell you about the other kind of change. Breakfast this morning was $3.11, and I handed the cashier a $10. It pisses me off when people slow up the breakfast line to put $1.63 on a credit card. Anyway, I've got $6.89 coming my way. And, in a move that could only be made worse by a bag of pennies, the clerk gives me six $1 bills and then 8 dimes, a nickel and four pennies. Who does that?

The only silver lining in my otherwise dark cloud was that the nickel was the Louisiana Purchase nickel, from the mint's Westward Journey series. Be on the lookout for it and its forthcoming companion, Lewis and Clark.

They probably spat on their hands first.


  • I love the new-ish Texas quarter, it is my favorite. I wasn't aware of these new nickels. Maybe the government is worried that some people will want to privatize the US Treasury so they have to keep our currency looking hip so we will continue to use it. But don't they have a monopoly on the currency market already, are they just wasting our tax dollars with these fancy coins and colorful $20 bills?

    By Blogger Kristen Glenn, at 8/04/2004 2:10 PM  

  • Hey, if it costs money to redesign our money, can't they just print up the money they need for the redesign? They ARE the mint, right? (Reminds me of a comment I heard once on Donahue's show: "Why should the taxpayers have to pay for this - why doesn't the government just pay for it?"

    Hmm, the new Texas quarter... Oh, the one that just has
    the state and a star on the back? Oh yeah, I forgot - Texas' greatest contribution to the U.S. is just being Texas, condescending and gracing the other 49 states with its presence.

    By Blogger Torry, at 8/05/2004 10:28 AM  

  • Do you have a point or are you just revealing your envy?

    By Blogger AJE, at 8/05/2004 4:30 PM  

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