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Saturday, July 3

Week in Review

Monday, I started work with my second firm of the summer. Both places have a distinct personality, and, should I get permanent offers from both, it will be a tough decision.

My new office features a button, next to the phone, that closes the door. Plus, I have a small closet. However, I can only get Coke on my floor and must make a quick detour up one floor to get my Dr Pepper fix.

Last night, I saw Spiderman 2. And it sucked. It was a total rip-off of Superman II, wherein the hero forsakes his powers to be with the woman he loves. Sure, the action sequences were great, but there was a lot of tedious "character development."

Today, we had a firm golf scramble. Thankfully, we had one guy in our foursome who actually played. The rest was ugly. I think I lost somewhere between 10-12 balls. As a bonus, we didn't have to go back to work in the afternoon. It was a nice lead into the holiday weekend.

Tonight, I sang Karaoke with some people from my ward. It was a good time, but we had too many people in the room. So it was hotter than on the golf course. On the plus side, I discovered that Billy Joel's "Piano Man" is the easiest song in the world to sound good singing Karaoke.


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