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Friday, July 16

Provoking Thought

From the Sports Guy's Mail Bag:
Q: If an animal attacks a PETA supporter, do the rest of the PETA people have to stand there and watch it happen so as not to hurt the animal? Or, would the attackee even want to be saved because if he was saved, he would be interrupting the animal's meal?
-- Ronnie, Edmonton, Canada

[Jimmy Kimmel]: This is a great question -- particularly considering the fact that PETA supporters are frequently naked. One can only imagine the joy that would be derived from seeing a wild boar simultaneously drive both his tusks into Pamela Anderson's breast implants -- like a saline shish kabob -- while Paul McCartney looked on helplessly, wondering if his new bride's remaining leg would be the crazed boar's next meal. Ronnie -- if you are younger than 25, I'd like to adopt you.

[Bill Simmons]: I'm afraid to say anything right now. Those PETA people are like Scientologists -- you don't even want to look cross-eyed at them. They're terrifying.

AJ makes me so hot!
Q: A buddy of mine and I had the "who is the toughest guy EVER" debate going. Now this is limited to movies/TV/Music. After a long list of: John J. Rambo, Darth Vadar, Johnny Lawrence ("Karate Kid"), and maybe perhaps Johnny Cash. We came up with the conclusion that none other than Pa Ingalls is the toughest person ever to exist. Who would be in your top five toughest people ever list?
-- Chad Anderson, Chicago

JK: Pa Ingalls? That reference to "Little House on the Prairie" just made certain the name "Chad Anderson" will never make such a list. (In fairness, though, no one named Chad will ever make a "toughest" list of any kind.)


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