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Sunday, July 4

Independence Day

Today, I had a stroke of good fortune. Not feeling well this morning, I decided not to drive up to Austin to celebrate the Fourth. Instead, I stayed in Houston, where I ended up watching a small fireworks display at a local airstrip.

Tom Wilkinson from my ward is a flight instructor there. And he was nice enough to take us up, three at a time, in a small Cessna. I'd never been in such a small plane. It was cool to fly over the neighborhoods and look at the Houston skyline a few miles off. I cracked the window open, but we were banking too steeply to the right for me to spit on the traffic below.

I was also pleased this week to see the rolling out of the Texas quarter.


  • Small airplanes make me sick, they have a very distinct smell that always makes me nauseous. Did you notice the smell? But it is a fun ride if you aren't throwing up.
    I also discovered the Texas quarter this week and was very excited.

    By Blogger Kristen Glenn, at 7/05/2004 6:23 PM  

  • Of course, there is an odor. But I think it is the same smell of decaying metal you find in any army surplus store. Good times.

    By Blogger AJE, at 7/05/2004 6:34 PM  

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