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Friday, June 4

Report from New Orleans

As mentioned in yesterday's Post, I made a little trip up to New Orleans. The official reason was that we wanted to entertain a potential client. However, the trip was mostly for fun. We got checked in at the Hotel, where we were all upgraded to junior suites, and then proceeded to hit the town. After hitting a couple of bars, we made our way to Harrah's for some gambling. The minimums on the blackjack were $15, so I just played some cheap video poker.

Then we went Clancy's, an awesome but out-of-way restaurant. On the long cab ride through some very crappy areas near the river, I thought for sure the cab driver was going to park somewhere dark and kill us. It was one of the best meals of my life; the fried oysters covered with Brie were incredible.

So we decided to hit Bourbon Street. I have never seen more strip joints in such a small area. Thankfully, the recruiting office made several phone calls to the attorneys I was with beforehand to pound into them that they were not to take any of the summer associates for lap dances.

Walking through the Quarter was very much like John Kennedy Toole's classic A Confederacy of Dunces. Each time I saw a Lucky Dogs hot dog cart, I thought of the protagonist Ignatius J. Reilly and smiled.

At 3 am, they kicked us out of Pat O's. We started walking back to the hotel but then we stumbled upon an awesome Gypsy cab. It was an enormous, late-70s, cream-colored Cadillac Fleetwood playing soft, smooth jazz.

The lawyers all turned in, but we summer guys went back to the casino. Blackjack was back down to $10 minimums, so I played a bit. I quickly went up $50, but in the end lost $80. One of the guys in our group was particularly drunk and kept getting swatted by the dealer for touching his chips after the deal and touching his cards (both verboten).

Breakfast at 11 and lunch at noon were both at Mother's, which has awesome seafood gumbo. It was an order-at-the-counter, soup-Nazi type joint. I don't think a single employee has all his or her teeth.

All in all, a good time.


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