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Wednesday, June 23

More Sports Guy

On trading Shaq to the Mavericks, this pit almost made me spit Dr Pepper:
One more thing: Who would love Dallas more than Shaq? He could become a bigger local hero than Emmitt Smith and J.R. Ewing combined. He could wear goofy cowboy hats and giant belt buckles, purchase some huge $50 million ranch, force his posse members to steer bulls, bust The Benefactor's chops whenever possible, dunk on Shawn Bradley in practice every day ... you're telling me he wouldn't be happy as hell out there? He might shoot 70 percent on that team. And having Kobe, Shaq, T-Mac, KG and Duncan on contenders next season -- along with LeBron, Carmelo and Dwyane -- could lead to the league's most exciting season since 1993. I'm giddy.
That's right, I'm having a slow afternoon at the office.


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