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Monday, May 3

Musings on Roadtripping in Montana

Torry is very kind to acknowledge the caliber of friends that drive 1,600 miles to a wedding in remote Alberta, Canada.

Each road trip needs a good album; I recall, for example, Grant Lee Buffalo's Mighty Joe Moon on the trip to Moab. For Torry's wedding, it was Radiohead's latest, Hail to the Thief.

Of course, the kinds of things that will always stand out are making the late night run to Albertson's for various fake beers and ice cream treats. Perhaps only to Mormon guys like us would something like that pass for an acceptable last night of bachelorhood.

And let us not forget how fun it was to drive Don's car well over 110 mph while he slept in the passenger seat. (This following his admonition to keep it under 75.) Or playing Twenty Questions over the walkie talkies as we descended through Idaho along I-15. (Paul: "Is it driftwood?")

Good times.


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