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Saturday, May 15

In Houston

Well, we (Paul & I) had a pretty good drive to Houston. I got my stuff unpacked, and we made our way to Ikea. I picked up the Daselv bed and a matching nighttable, an ultra-light quilt (because it's Houston), some hipster sheets, and some new bath towels. I also snagged a pretty cool lamp on clearance. When I brought things home for assembly, I quickly realized they'd given me a futon instead of the bed I bought. Fortunately, the store is only about 8 minutes away. (It took much longer to find a grocery store.) Also, I picked up a cool plastic TV tray to put over my lap when I'm typing on my laptop in bed or watching TV - I decided I'd endangered my ability to have future children enough.

The apartment complex I'm in is juxtaposed between the downtown towers to the east, the ghetto to the west, ritzy River Oaks to the south, and decent parts of the Heights to the north. The contrast one experiences traveling one or two blocks in any direction is pretty staggering.

My new roommate seems like a pretty nice guy. He, Paul, and I are going to try to take in an Astros game tomorrow. My only other errand for Saturday is to pick up a wireless router. Right now I'm free-riding on a neighbor's signal. We got a pretty good package deal for digital cable and Internet. The package was to include one premium channel, so I picked HBO because Deadwood and The Sopranos. Fortune was kind, however; somehow we ended up with al the HBO channels.


  • AJ, sorry to hear you've been hit with IKEA (theonion.com). I too am in the process of finding furnishings for my new apartment, and I am trying to practice safe decorating to avoid contracting IKEA.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/15/2004 8:10 AM  

  • That last comment was from me. It wasn't supposed to be anonymous.

    By Blogger Eric, at 5/15/2004 8:11 AM  

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