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Thursday, May 6

Annual Report

My Gmail Invitation sold for $31. Hats off to Sorens for selling while the market was really high. Not that I'm complaining about the windfall.

But it was stressful for me when I realized, with 3 minutes left on the auction, that I had no idea if I was even capable of receiving a PayPal payment. I was worried that I might be screwing somebody over, or that I might have to contact the buyer and give him the invite without receiving payment. The account was inactive, but I got it good to go just in time.

Also, contrary to my explicit instructions, the buyer's message through PayPal did not type his email address twice. Ergo, I'm waiting, expectantly refreshing my Gmail inbox, to see that that he received the Invite.

So, I may be getting an ulcer in exchange for $31. Ah, the things poor students will do.


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