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Sunday, April 18

More Rage

Today, I had two appointments - one in West Campus and one in East Austin. However, I was unable to make the necessary turns in the car to reach either destination. Why?

Perhaps it was the damned fools who have, under a delusion that it would cure multiple sclerosis, decided it would be fun to ride their bicycles from Houston to Austin.

However, that answer is incomplete. What has been left out is racism and elitism. Maybe you are wondering why a white guy like me would blame anything other than the Klan on racism. However, what dawned on me today was this: the bike ride wends its way through East Austin (largely populated by black, Hispanic, and poor people) and West Campus (full of students who, because they aren't permanent residents, are politically powerless).

I admit, riding through West Austin would not make sense because it's not on the way from Houston. However, I seriously doubt that the affluent people in West Austin - the people with the most political power and the most likely to participate in a charity ride - would never allow the enormous traffic "inconvenience" to be crammed down their throats. Yet their lack of concern for poorer people and minorities allows them to stick it to the other folks.

P.S. I did roll down the window and boo today, and I yelled at a cop who obstinately wouldn't allow the right turn that would have allowed me easily to get where I was going.


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