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Friday, April 2

Joining Two Topics Du Jour

Topic 1: Presently, I working on a paper about women in corporate America. It is a group undertaking, and my assignment is to do a case study of Wal-Mart.

Topic 2: As I mentioned Earlier, parts of Germany are pushing for a 42-hour work week.

Combining Germany and Wal-Mart: In doing my research, I stumbled across this item in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's "News of the World" section:
Wal-Mart has joined other companies in Germany trying to make a special appeal to the country's 14 million one-person households. The Wal-Mart in Dortmund is the first of the 92 outlets in Germany to offer a "Single-Shopping" night. On Friday nights, reports DW-World, those looking for a little romance can get a red ribbon tied onto their shopping basket, which signals that they're available. One customer said she felt "a little like an ape in a zoo" but liked the concept. One problem, she said, was being at the right place at the right time in the sprawling store. "Because if I'm in the yogurt aisle," she said, "my Prince Charming might just be over by the eggs."
Two comments: (1) Does yogurt need a whole aisle? (2) I recall the ideal "Target wife" - a stylish, sexy, but thrifty goddess that Mr. Johnson and would alway ogle when we went to Target. It is much more difficult to think of a "Wal-Mart babe."


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