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Thursday, April 22

The Jets

Long story short, I ended up making a $2 bet (and losing) that a certain cheesy pop song was by Polynesian-Mormon pop super group The Jets. Anyway, in checking the answer, I stumbled upon this funny review:
When music historians look back at our generation's greatest musical achievements...The Jets should surely be included as revolutionizing pop music. George Michael himself could not have crafted such beautifully written pop tunes. I dare Mccartney [sic] and Lennon to match bar for bar, note for note the craftsmanship of a Jets album. Why they have not been included in the Rock and Roll hall of fame is a mystery to me.

This album changed my life....I now read from left to right thanks to the music of the Jets. Please God of popular of music, bring back the 'mighty' Jets.


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