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Thursday, April 1

Graphics Help

Thanks go to Sorens for helping me clean up the .gif I'm using for my blog title. I am totally inept with Photoshop, so the assistance was helpful. Originally, I was going to do the title with text, an IE font called "Fantasy." Problem was, that font is not compatible with all browsers. So I made an image in Photoshop with the similar "Juice" font. However, I didn't know about "anti-aliasing," so the image came across jagged. Now, it should look good in other browsers.

Unfortunately for some, with the background and new title .gif, the page is around 80K. Hopefully, none of my readers suffer with a dial-up connection (though that should still only be a couple seconds).

Also: Happy April Fool's Day! (Alas, I'm not a clever prankster.)


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