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Thursday, March 25

Ironic Thug

Frankie Valli (of Frankie & Annette fame), known for singing soprano in 60s teen hits like "Walk Like A Man," will join mobster hit The Sopranos. I think it would be hard to be scared.

Correction: Kristen informs me:"Frankie Valli did sing with the Four Seasons, however, Frankie Avalon is the Frankie of Frankie and Annette fame. You might not know this because the movie "Back to the Beach" (1987) (starring Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon) might not be a favorite of yours as it is of mine. I am sure these two Frankies are commonly mixed up, but they are actually quite different."

I stand corrected; my bad. Thanks Kristen.


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