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Monday, March 1

The Academy Awards

Here are a few thoughts on last night's Oscars, in no particular order:
By far the most enjoyable moments of the evening was when Jack Black and Will Ferrell added lyrics to the "you've taken to long now get the hell out of the way" music, which, incidentally was underutilized throughout the program.

Nicole Kidman looked hideous. Her forehead seemed to grow throughout the broadcast.

The Lord of the Friggin' Rings may well be the most over-hyped movie of all time. The number of Oscars, tied with Ben Hur and Titanic (a movie I have not nor ever will see) for the most ever, was just obscene. The movie was long and, to me, boring as hell. Most ridiculous was the Oscar for editing! Where was the editing? The movie (and I say movie here and not film) was 27 hours long and featured 43 endings.

I though Liv Tyler's performance in LOTFR was one of the most wooden ever. But then she served as a presented. If she weren't so incredibly hot, she probably couldn't get a job at Dairy Queen.

Bill Murray was robbed! Sean Penn was way delivered way too histrionic a performance for me. Bill Murray delivered one of the finest examples of comic subtlety and humanity ever.

Sophia Coppola still ruined The Godfather Part III. Still, Lost in Translation is a must see.
And that's how I saw it.


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