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Tuesday, February 3

The Other Jackson

A friend of a friend writes for Texas Monthly, a first-rate regional magazine. I talked with him last weekend at a bar, and he told me about a story he recently wrote about a Corpus Christ, Texas woman who is the president of the Michael Jackson Fan Club. The woman, 48, lives with her parents and a few pets among an enormous collection of Jackson memorabilia.

My favorite part was the discussion of the King of Pop's current woes -- and its effect on fans:
As she typed with her brother [on IM], she discussed the MJFC's role in the current mess, which she sees as two-fold: to be there for Jackson but also for his fans. "Some of the fans who've been around forever are going through a very difficult time," she said, "with people making comments and saying really negative things about being a fan and standing by Michael." She pointed out that during the first round of accusations, some fans threatened suicide, although she doesn't recall any attempts actually being made. To deal with the scandal this time, she assigned two team members to monitor the MJFC's forum and chat rooms for posts of "uncalled-for, sick opinions" and set up a special e-mail address for distraught fans, with a promise that a team member would respond withing 48 hours.
Source: John Spong, Texas Monthly Reporter - The State of Our State - Letter From Corpus Christi, Texas Monthly (Feb. 2004) at 38.


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