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Saturday, February 21

Little Things

My life is fast approaching rock bottom, I suppose. I'm deriving too much pleasure from such small things. The trip to the grocery store from which I just returned provides two examples:

(1) I was balancing five things of yogurt (Yes, it is sad that I'm a man and I eat yogurt. Sadder, however, is that I'm buying it at 11 o'clock on Saturday night.), taking it to the cart. The top one, Yoplait's Cherry Orchard variety, fell from the stack. It spun quickly, yet as if in slow motion, tumbling end over end, finally landing perfectly right side up. The impact, however, was perfect, completely breaking free the bottom of the container and leaving the plastic disc and a blob of yogurt on the floor. I glanced from side to side and, finding that nobody had seen me, quietly slinked away from the scene.

(2) A lifelong allergy sufferer, I await the coming of spring with mixed emotions. Today, I was in a histamine-induced hell. So I sought over-the-counter pharmaceutical relief. Expecting to get screwed on the deal, I was delighted to learn that generic forms of Claratin is now available. Total savings on a 30 pack = $15. Sweet!


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