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Tuesday, February 24

Fat Tuesday

Today is Fat Tuesday, so let me relate this story from last year experience downtown:
Last night’s crowds were really pathetic. Sean and I wondered aloud at times whether affirmative action played a role in assembling this throng of people. I speculated that there were busses that picked people up from the worst parts of Austin and dropped them off on 6th Street. At one point, a firecracker exploded near a group of cops in riot gear. There was momentary confusion, but fortunately no stampede. Our foursome decided to move on, but which way? "Let’s go this way," I said, pointing. "The closer we are to West Austin [home of white yuppies], the better off we are." The logic seemed sound, so westward we went.

Two disgusting fat girls asked Sean what they had to do to get his light-up beer mug beads. He just looked at them like "you have got to be f**king crazy." Omar felt sorry for them, so he gave them some marijuana leaf beads anyway. One reached down to lift up her top, but Omar held out his hands indicating stop and saying, "No, it’s cool." They looked sad, so he said, pointing to Sean, "Don’t show me. Show Big Country [Sean is 6'6"]." I turned away quickly enough to prevent damage to my retinas. Sean wasn’t fast enough. When Jabba the Hut and her friend walked off, Sean stood there for a moment with a vacant, nauseated look in his eyes before informing "I just vomited in my mouth." I don’t know if I do the story justice, but it was really funny.
What will happen tonight?


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