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Friday, January 16

Critical Race Theory Sucks

While working on an article in the library today, I stumbled across this gem from Charles R. Lawrence III, Race, Multiculturalism, and the Jurisprudence of Transformation, 47 Stanford Law Review 819, 829 (1995):

"When a Vietnamese family is driven out of its home in a project by African- American youth, that is white supremacy. When a Korean store owner shoots an African-American teenager in the back of the head, that is white supremacy. When 33 percent of Latinos agree with the statement, "Even if given a chance, [African-Americans] aren't capable of getting ahead," that is white supremacy. When over 40 percent of African-American voters in California support proposition 187, the antiimmigrant initiative, that too is white supremacy."

What is perhaps more frightening is that supposedly scholarly journals across the country turn out similar nonsense.


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