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Monday, December 15

Don't Mess With Me

Last week, the Coke machine ate my dollar. It is one of those new-fangled vending contrivances that drops the drink onto a conveyor belt that delivers your beverage standing up. When it works, it is pretty neat. When it doesn't, it's just another machine that pisses you off.

So, being a concerned citizen, I tore a sheet from my legal pad, wrote "Out of Order" on it, and hung it from the coin return button because I didn't have any tape. Well, it fell off or some miscreant removed it. In any event, it wasn't there this afternoon.

Naturally, I assumed the problem had been remedied. But I was wrong, and my error cost me another dead president.

This time, however, I was not going to let my warning go unheeded. Did I call the company? you ask. No. Did I look for tape to put a note up? No. Instead, I stole a thumbtack from the bulletin board and in a caffeine-deprived rage drove it into the smooth plastic of the machine. That "Broken" sign ain't going nowhere.

In short, when I don't have my Dr Pepper, ya'll best step off!


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