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Monday, December 1

Car Chat

My friend Emily recently complained that this Blog is only about what I'm currently reading and not enough of a journal. So let me tell you about my Thanksgiving holiday:

The day Thanksgiving was largely spent in car maintenance, sadly, instead of watching my Longhorns beat up on a weak A&M squad. On the way to my dad's, I lost the tensioning pulley (dealer part, $60) for my AC belt. When that flew off at 70 mph, it dislodged my power steering belt and damaged (but thankfully didn't break) my alternator belt. Hondas are not known for the free space in the engine bay, so it was a tight job.

Plus, I decided to change the PCV valve. It got stuck and attempting to pry it out with a screwdriver (lesson: it's better to quit than to try forcing something) broke the fitting it goes into. That required another trip to the dealer for parts ($15, but unlike the discount auto parts stores, at least you get complimentary Dr Pepper at the dealership). And it is in a really tight space. To reach it, I put the car on jack stands and had to reach, my arm bent, up over the oil filter and under the intake manifold. Naturally, lots of swearing was required before everything came together.

My arm still aches from the ordeal, and my hands are still stained from grease. I washed with gasoline and then Lava soap, but to little avail.


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