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Sunday, November 30

I Know Dave Barry Already Provided a Link, But...

The New York Times carried a really entertaining story about Texas Jewboy Kinky Friedman's bid for the Texas governorship.

Read the whole article. It's great.

[Thanks Dave Barry. I apologize for the redundant link, but this was a story I really enjoyed.]

Saturday, November 29

Culture and What Courts Can't Do

I was waiting to hear what George Will would say about the Massachusetts court ruling on gay marriage. Now, my favorite columnist has spoken.

Aging Like Fine Wine

Danish researchers have found that 60-year olds have better sperm counts than 20-year olds. So does this mean that when I retire I can be put out to stud?

Charities Are Run By Idiots

Ananova reports that a charity gave 5 computers to an indian tribe in a remote Brazilian jungle. The computers run on batteries (which I assume will die soon). They are supposed to be used to connect with other tribes. I just don't see this working.

Cartload of Money

Wal-Mart made $1.52B in sales on Black Friday. Damn!

Wednesday, November 26

Michael Jackson: The Search for Answers

In response to my last Michael Jackson post, Sorens writes:

You might ask yourself why MJ doesn't have a personal jet. Then again, you might also ask yourself why somebody would want to have sex with prepubescent boys.

For news on MJ's finances, see Debt Is Seen Taking Toll on Jackson's Lavish Style in today's NY Times.

[Thanks Sorens.]

Holiday Gift Guide

Get your little boy or girl their very own George W. Bush.

News for Those Still Saying Al Gore Won

More great JFK news from OpinionJournal, discussing how JFK, like Bush II, didn't win the popular vote either:

Remember this the next time a Democrat complains that President Bush "lost the popular vote." As Mr. Southwick told me in 2001, "Camelot was made possible by the Electoral College. The same is true of George W. Bush's presidency. Both were legitimate."

A Fresh Take on JFK 40 Years Later

OpinionJournal carried an interesting piece celebrating how America is finally forgetting the Camelot mystique surrounding the Kennedys long enough to realize that he was:

[A] president frantically "high" on pills of all kinds (that's when he was not alarmingly "low" for the same reason), a president quick on the draw and willing to solicit Mafia hit men for his foreign policy, a president willing to risk nuclear war to save his own face; a president who bugged his own Oval Office, a president who used the executive mansion as a bordello, and a president whose name we might never have learned if not for the fanatical determination of his father to purchase him a political career.


I'm watching a repeat of the late Sportscenter, and there is one thing I have to say as a viewer: Linda Cohn should not be wearing the short, plaid schoolgirl skirt.

Tuesday, November 25

Bulletproof Monk IV

Moral of the movie (I'm not making this up): "So, I figured it out, why hot dogs come in packages of ten and hot dog buns come in packages of eight. See, the thing is, life doesn't always work out according to plan so be happy with what you've got, because you can always get a hot dog."

Kristen: "Yeah, it's over!"

Bulletproof Monk III

Emily: "He [the hero] has zen, Mark. The Nazi will never be 'enlightened' with the bowl haircut."
Kristen [naively]: "Oh, he's not dead?"
Mark: "It's like the schwarz in Spaceballs. He doesn't really need the last verse 'cause it's inside him."
Kristen: "Oh, he's enlightened now."
Emily: "All people who are enlightened...oh, they're nice."
Emily: "I like that whole screwdriver-flying-through-the-air thing."

Bulletproof Monk II

Trent: "If I was saving the world, I wouldn't take the time to make the robot flip off the bad guy."
Emily: "Damn it. It's not working...wait, it's working."
Mark: "Catfight, woo!!"
Holly: "You don't have to quote me."

Bulletproof Monk

My roommate rented Bulletproof Monk, so I'm watching it right now. I feel like my IQ is already dropping. If you can read, don't watch this movie.

My friends' comments:
Trent: "This is so painful."
Mark: "Oh cool, they have the little pulley thing set up."
Kristen: "Yeah, the bad lady always has to wear the catsuit."

Bill Gates

Love or hate Bill Gates and Microsoft, The Economist has a nice piece about its current struggles and the company's long history of "surviving."


Recent news that the jet leasing company secretly videotaped a conversation between Michael Jackson and his lawyer en route to his surrender, aside from suggesting to me that he's guilty, begs this question: Why doesn't Jackson have his own plane?

The Limits of My Activism

A classmate of mine wrote an editorial to the student newspaper in response to last week's Massachusetts court ruling invalidating that state's marriage law, "Court Out of Line." Since then, scores of people have responded to his letter, not in support. He asked that somebody write a response letter backing him up.

Although I agree with him, I don't have the time. But, if any of you have a moment, feel free to submit your comments to Firing Line.

Monday, November 24

Combatting Spam

The Register reports that a California man faces serious jail time for threatening to torture and kill employees of a spamming company.

My favorite passage: "Indeed, there's nothing worse than distreputable penis enhancement outfits besmirching the good name of the penis enhancement business by bombarding already-satisfied males with unwanted offers of donkeydom."

[Thanks Torry.]

Positive Mental Attitude

Today's employer is looking for people who really want to work and bring a can-do attitude to the office.

Sunday, November 23

Warding Off Jehovah's Witnesses

I suppose THIS would keep away Mormons, too.

[Thanks, long belated, Sorens.]

Saturday, November 22

Texas Politics

Join the growing movement to impeach Rick Perry and elect Chuck Norris governor.

Money & Investing News

They stuffed $5 Billion in one really big mattress!

Sad Day

Oh how BYU has fallen. Two years ago, the Cougars had one of the most potent offenses in college football. Now they are 4-8, after losing in a 3-0 suckfest to the almost equally pitiable Utes.

This blogger can't remember when he saw a more pathetic game.

From the Political Arena

As George Will reports, even democrats recognize that the version of Campaign Finance Reform is both stupid and unconstitutional.

Friday, November 21

Useful Technology

By the way, although most pop-up blockers do a lousy job, I'm totally impressed with the one included in the Google Toolbar. You want it.

David Beckham, et al

ESPN.com's sexy Stacey Pressman delares there is "nothing sexy about metrosexuals" and you can get tested to see if you are one.

[Thanks Mark, who is not a metro, having scored 0/12.]

Reader Appreciation

This is how I feel about my loyal readers: Listen.

Hit Me Baby, One More Time

ESPN calls it "Photographic Evidence of Britney's Overexposure"; I call it eye candy (and, best of all, there's no sound). You call it whatever you want, but do visit this ESPN.com Britney gallery.

I'm an Idiot

I should have been using the university's servers all along for my image hosting needs. [Un]fortunately, only today did I learn how to make my files public. From now on, no more problems with lame "free" service providers.

Technical Update

I had been using Geocities for image hosting in the past. Apparently, they don't allow that because they suck. If you have image hosting needs, may I recommend VillagePhotos.

[Thanks to Torry & Sorens for alerting me to this Geocities shortcoming.]

Thursday, November 20

Lookin' Good

I was just blindsided by this: He's BLACK!

Think Outside the Box!

What's your Potential?

Get Out the Vote

Yes, I hate Keyshawn Johnson, but I encourage you to vote for Jeremy Shockey on ESPN Page 2's Who's the Most Overrated Player in the Whole Damn NFL? poll.


I know I already provide a link in the sidebar to Maddox, but his Commentary on why illegal immigrants deserve pay equal to legal workers' wages is actually smart, not just funny.

Eating Disorders

Anorexia can be Ugly!

Like Jailbait?

This is a fun little quiz Quiz that shows you sexy, clothed celebrities and tests your ability to decide whether she's over 18.

[Warning: There is some strong language here, but there are no racy images.]

Painfully Obvious Observation

Thanks ABCNEWS for letting me know that Big Cat Acts Are a Dangerous Business.

Falling Further from a High Horse

Rush Limbaugh is being investigated for money laundering in connection with his drug problems. And yet plenty of people still think 'Rush is Right.'

Wednesday, November 19

8 Year Olds, Dude

In "why didn't this happen years ago" news, California Police Issue Arrest Warrant for Michael Jackson.

What I wonder is what kind of idiots would let their children spend time with this notorious pederast? Those parents should be locked up, too.

A Fine Tribute

A really nice piece about what might have been had he not died of a cocaine overdose, Remembering Len Bias by Michael Wilbon of The Washington Post is good reading for any basketball fan.

Steven Segal

This blogger is tired today because he was watching one of the Segal movies on the Superstation. He is a white-trash hero, so naturally this blog loves him. When a computer geek told the action star that he couldn't break his code, Segal shot the geek and the geek's computer, thus foiling the system. Incredible!

And then he managed to escape a train wreck completely unscathed!

Recent Developments in the Law

For an interesting take on the homosexual attack on marriage, read Jonah Goldberg's article "Gay men not rushing to altar".

[Thanks Torry.]

Tuesday, November 18

Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out

Kudos to the Tampa Bay Bucs for tossing wide receiver Me-shawn Johnson - read about it. That's right. Who's yo' daddy now, punk?

Pop Music Commentary

Jack Black: "Beige is the color you get when you mix Pink with the crap she records."

Source BLENDER Dec. 2003, p. 56

Monday, November 17

Go To Jail, Go Directly To Jail

If you like Monopoloy and crack cocaine, you'll love Ghettopoly, the exciting new board game that's sweeping the nation.

[Thanks Joe & Al Sharpton]

Sunday, November 16

Filler Material

The conventional wisdom is that one should post something to one's Blog daily. But since all I'm doing today is researching legal ethics (summary: lawyers don't want to be bastards, but they want to keep the right to be son-o-bitches when necessary), I don't have anything good to post.

I will tell you, loyal reader, that I saw a pretty lady wearing an eye patch. I wondered if she was more pirate or more wench. Also, I wondered if she'd seen the Russell Crowe swashbuckler pic Master and Commander. . .

Saturday, November 15

Shopping Malls

Working sucks. There is no way around it: if something were fun to do they wouldn't have to pay you to do it.

But spending money, especially at the mall, sucks more. It isn't even Thanksgiving yet, and the mall is full of Christmas decorations. I can only assume that retail sales are so slow right now they have to trick people into thinking they have to shop now. It gives me such a headache to walk around listening to the crappy music piped into stores--music calculated to numb one's brain to the point that he thinks like a consumer.

And all men's wear now is made for gay guys. It is so hard to find loose, comfortable jeans.

If there is a hell, I'm sure it looks something like the Banana Republic.

More Cowbell!

Blue Oyster Cult's Eric Bloom gives his take on the famous SNL cowbell sketch.

[Thanks Riekert.]

Friday, November 14

A Little Lebowski Urban Achiever Makes Good

This blog congratulates a "southern girl with a dream" who reached her goal.

The End of The World

Be patient. It may take a few seconds for this great cartoon to download.

[Thanks Adam.]

Thursday, November 13

Public Service Announcement

Cell phone users, Beware!

Are You Tired of Sounding Like a Boring White Guy?

Then shizzolate that!

[An oldie, but a goodie.]

The Judds

How is this from the same gene pool as Ashley Judd?

Customers Not Always Right

Think twice before you complain about your waiters.

Southwest Texas Becomes Texas State

Remember when Kathy Ireland was a major babe?

On Campaign Financing

If you are into the subject of campaign finance reform and its implications on constitutionally protected freedom of speech, read what George Will has to say about Howard Dean's decision to forgo public financing.


Just a moment ago in the men's restroom, I saw a man meticulously wash his hands before taking a leak and then leave without washing his hands again. What the hell?

Holiday Gift for the Redneck in Your Life

This calendar is real classy.

Wednesday, November 12

Write Your Congressman Now!

Read the bio line following the poem Abyss on the Stop Prison Rape Survivor Poetry website.

[Thanks Joe.]

Get Involved in Extracurriculars

One of I'm sure many fun opportunities at Iowa State University.

Tuesday, November 11

The Matrix Revolutions

My favorite review of Matrix Revolutions:
"What is the Matrix?, the first film asked. This film answers that. The Matrix is the marketing software that encourages movies like this to be made. And it must be disabled."
From Rotten Tomatoes.

On the Dumbing Down of Society

If you think PowerPoint is mis- and overused, read the Wired article PowerPoint Is Evil.

Sunday, November 9

Dumbest Kid

This little video clip never gets old.

[Thanks Riekert.]

Send More Money

The restrooms on the 6th floor of the law library bearing Joe Jamail's name are closed today because of "insufficient water pressure." Maybe Joe needs to donate even more money?

Saturday, November 8

Texas A&M v. Oklahoma

Wow! 77-0. And I thought the Sooners made Texas look bad. It's amazing how far the once-presentable Aggie defense has fallen.

Talent Scouting

This fat white adolescent RapMaster can tear it up.

[Props to Murphy for this discovery.]
(About 7MB so be patient.)

You Are Entering a World of Pain!

Finally, a website that makes all of my witty quips for me! Visit "The Big Lebowski" Random Quote Generator

Friday, November 7

A Friendly Reminder

For my friend Emily, who is ditching school this week, I'm posting this friendly public service announcement on Skipping School.

TV Guide

RENO 911 is the funniest show on television. If you aren't watching it, you are truly missing out.

Becoming a Dirty Old Man

I just got back from a high school football game (my friend is a teacher who had to go so a few of us gave her our support). Nobody sums up going back to high school like Dazed and Confused's Wooderson: "That's what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age."

Made For TV

With "The Elizabeth Smart Story" airing on CBS this Sunday, I refer you to this cutting analysis of how things could have been done differently: Things Elizabeth Smart Could Have Done to Escape Her Captors.